About us

We are Norwegian Henning Tønnessen and Belgian Nico Willems. In a former life we used to work for the same company. When Nico discovered the amazing handmade woodwork that Henning had posted on Instagram, this soon became an item of avid discussion and a plan was formed.

The name 'Løøv Design' was chosen. 'Løv' is the Norwegian word for 'leaves' or 'foliage' and 'designing' wooden, handcrafted items is the goal of this enterprise.

Not long after, the owner of the company was kind enough to allow us to use his ancestral home in Kristiansand (Norway) to set up our woodworking shop. And so the master and his apprentice set off on their journey to create useful, handmade products using only sustainable, recycled and foraged wood. The results can be seen in our online shop. We look forward to seeing you there often.